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The Cool Mom Picks Team is not being paid or compensated to review items. At all. Not with money, not with products, not with free foot rubs from bare-chested male models. We pick items that are cool to us and that we think will be cool to you. That said, we can't guarantee that they will be cool to you nor can we be held responsible if you decide to purchase an item and it sucks. But it probably won't.

If for any reason we write about a sponsor on site, you will know about it loud and clear. We are strong advocates of the FTC guidelines about marketing and blogs, and we are proud signers of the Blog With Integrity pledge.


Our compensation comes from our beloved sponsors and sponsored emails marked "special offers." We do earn a small (super small) percentage of sales when you click through to Amazon from our site, as well as from several affiliate partners listed in our emporium, where we have negotiated exclusive discounts to benefit our readers. Our affiliate program is small, discriminating, and we work exclusively with partners we've already reviewed and loved - not the other way around. We appreciate when you click on those links which helps support us so we can all keep doing what we do.

If we include an affiliate link or a link to a partner in a post, we tell you about it.


Our giveaways are held all the time - enter! Someone has to win. We draw a winner at random by tallying the number of entries, then using the random integer generator at If we don't hear back from you, we'll give you a second warning then 48 hours after you were first notified we'll go onto the next person. Although we promise we'll feel bad doing it.

We are forever grateful to the generous businesses - often very small ones - who donate items for giveaway. In return, we ask you to check out their sites to answer a question to qualify you for entry. If we determine you are getting the answer from another source, like an online contest website, it's in violation of the spirit of the contest and we reserve the right to disqualify you. Then call you a poopyhead behind your back.

Other legal stuff we have to tell you: You can only enter once or per contest rules (be fair). If you violate the rules we'll disqualify you and your 40 aliases. You must be a legal resident of the US or Canada unless otherwise specified. Contests end midnight PST the night of the review, unless otherwise indicated, and we'll draw a winner within the week. Void where prohibited, wherever that might be. Federal, state, and local taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

By entering our contests, you're opting to receive updates and news from Cool Mom Picks. Don't worry, it's all cool stuff you'll love. And no spam. Promise.

Also, and this is the lawyers speaking, we have to give you a non-internetty way to enter. So if you want to fax an entry in, email info[at] and we'll give you a fax number.

We'll do our best to mail your winning items in a timely fashion but yo, we've got kids. We end up at the P.O. about once a month. Patience, grasshopper. We're not responsible if the item gets lost in the mail. (It could happen.) We're not responsible if you send us the wrong address. (It does happen.) And once in a while we may have to substitute a prize of comparable value. We're just a few moms trying to do something nice for you all, cool?


Submitting items for review does not guarantee they will be featured - you cannot buy our love with diaper bags or frozen organic vegetables. Advertising on our site also does not guarantee a feature. Don't take it personally or we'll feel really bad.

For detailed submission guidelines you'll want to take a look here.

If your pick is not selected, you are always welcome to send us other ideas--as in, not the same idea that you're just hoping we forgot that we didn't like in the first place.

We do not return samples (one more time with emphasis: We do not return samples) however the vast majority of them will be given away to readers to help promote the designer or boutique that sent them to us. We reserve the right to hold onto samples for future promotional opportunities, media appearances or contests. Or once in a while, one of our kids licks it and it just wouldn't be right to give it away after that. 


We use photos from the websites we review to assist in providing information for our readers. These photos are the property of the website owners. All other content is the property of Cool Mom Picks. Do not use it unless you are attributing it to us. We know people.

We are happy to allow other websites and blogs to publish partial feeds of our reviews with permission and proper credit and links. Email and we can talk about it. 


Our trademarks, copyrights and ideas are aggressively protected by the law firm Traverse Legal, PLC.

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